Black floor lamp

Searching for a black floor lamp? Take a look at our wide range of decorative black floor lamps!
Black floor lamp
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  1. Industrial-floor-lamp-tripod-black---Magna-40-Eglip
    Industrial floor lamp tripod black - Magna 40 Eglip
  2. Industrial-floor-lamp-tripod-black-with-gold---Magna-Basic-25
    Industrial floor lamp tripod black with gold - Magna Basic 25
    €109.00 €63.95
  3. OUTLET-|-Modern-floor-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Maly
    OUTLET | Modern floor lamp black with smoke glass - Maly
    €79.95 €37.95
  4. Floor-lamp-black-with-gold-incl.-LED-dimmable-3-steps---Malta
    Floor lamp black with gold incl. LED dimmable 3 steps - Malta
    €179.00 €159.00
  5. Floor-lamp-black-3-step-dimmable-incl.-LED-and-touch-dimmer---Pondi
    Floor lamp black 3-step dimmable incl. LED and touch dimmer - Pondi
    €119.00 €93.95
  6. Industrial-floor-lamp-tripod-black---Magna-50-Eglip
    Industrial floor lamp tripod black - Magna 50 Eglip
    €219.00 €117.00
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  7. Industrial-floor-lamp-black---Boula
    Industrial floor lamp black - Boula
    €189.00 €113.00
  8. Modern-floor-lamp-with-black-shade---Bend
    Modern floor lamp with black shade - Bend
    €129.00 €70.95
  9. Moderne-vloerlamp-zwart-met-goud-rond---VT-1
    Moderne vloerlamp zwart met goud rond - VT 1
    €89.95 €41.95
  10. Industriële-vloerlamp-zwart---Drum-Mesh
    Industriële vloerlamp zwart - Drum Mesh
    €99.95 €46.95
  11. Industrial-Floor-Lamp-Tripod-Black---Frodo
    Industrial Floor Lamp Tripod Black - Frodo
    €129.00 €65.95
  12. Classic-floor-lamp-black---Classico
    Classic floor lamp black - Classico
    €149.00 €70.95
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  14. Industrial-floor-lamp-black-adjustable---Hobby
    Industrial floor lamp black adjustable - Hobby
    €149.00 €73.95
  15. Industrial-floor-lamp-tripod-steel-black---Bliss-Vefa
    Industrial floor lamp tripod steel black - Bliss Vefa
    €99.95 €50.95
  16. Moderne-booglamp-zwart-incl.-LED-en-dimmer---Piegato-Q
    Moderne booglamp zwart incl. LED en dimmer - Piegato Q
    €219.00 €199.00
  17. Modern-Floor-Lamp-5-Black---Sixties-Marble
    Modern Floor Lamp 5 Black - Sixties Marble
    €239.00 €138.00
  18. Design-floor-lamp-black-incl.-LED-dimmable---Dina
    Design floor lamp black incl. LED dimmable - Dina
    €229.00 €209.00
  19. Modern-Floor-Lamp-Black-with-Copper---Jesse-2
    Modern Floor Lamp Black with Copper - Jesse 2
    €165.00 €149.00
  20. Moderne-vloerlamp-zwart-incl.-LED-4-staps-dimbaar---Line-up
    Moderne vloerlamp zwart incl. LED 4-staps dimbaar - Line-up
    €119.00 €72.95
  21. Retro-Floor-Lamp-Black-with-45cm-Grey-Granny-Black-Frills-Shade---Simplo
    Retro Floor Lamp Black with 45cm Grey Granny Black Frills Shade - Simplo
    €159.00 €70.95
  22. Floor-Lamp-Black-without-Shade---Tripod
    Floor Lamp Black without Shade - Tripod
    €99.95 €64.95
  23. Industrial-floor-lamp-black-50-cm-with-gold-adjustable---Magnax
    Industrial floor lamp black 50 cm with gold adjustable - Magnax
    €199.00 €116.00
  24. Moderne-booglamp-zwart-met-zwarte-kap---Arc-Basic
    Moderne booglamp zwart met zwarte kap - Arc Basic
    €119.00 €98.95
  25. Design-floor-lamp-black-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Palka
    Design floor lamp black incl. LED with touch dimmer - Palka
    €69.95 €51.95
  26. Design-floor-lamp-black-3-light---Wimme
    Design floor lamp black 3-light - Wimme
    €129.00 €67.95
  27. Vintage-floor-lamp-on-bamboo-tripod-black-with-gold---Barrel
    Vintage floor lamp on bamboo tripod black with gold - Barrel
    €139.00 €101.00
  28. Floor-Lamp-Gold/Brass-with-35cm-Black-Cotton-Shade---Parte
    Floor Lamp Gold/Brass with 35cm Black Cotton Shade - Parte
    €119.00 €89.95
  29. Modern-floor-lamp-black-incl.-LED-4-step-dimmable---Botot
    Modern floor lamp black incl. LED 4-step dimmable - Botot
    €64.95 €43.95
  30. Industrial-floor-lamp-black---Slide
    Industrial floor lamp black - Slide
    €64.95 €35.95
  31. Industrial-floor-lamp-2-light-black---Simple-Cage
    Industrial floor lamp 2-light black - Simple Cage
    €139.00 €95.95
  32. Modern-floor-lamp-black---Balenco-Wazo
    Modern floor lamp black - Balenco Wazo
    €149.00 €73.95
  33. Industrial-floor-lamp-black-2-light---Suplux
    Industrial floor lamp black 2-light - Suplux
    €109.00 €72.95
  34. Design-floor-lamp-black---Baya
    Design floor lamp black - Baya
    €99.95 €89.95
  35. Landelijke-vloerlamp-zwart---Wieza
    Landelijke vloerlamp zwart - Wieza
    €239.00 €119.00
  36. Scandinavian-Floor-Lamp-5-Black---Facil-Tube
    Scandinavian Floor Lamp 5 Black - Facil Tube
    €139.00 €67.95
105 Items
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At we have a large range of black floor lamps that will suit your style and design! Floor lamps are perfect as additional or atmospheric lighting for your office, home or place of buiness where you would like to create a decorative setting. Black floor lamps offer an elegant, charming and decorative finish to any space, allowing a warm and cosy lighting to be emitted. From charming and classic black floor lamps to black tripod floor lamp and LED Black Arc floor lamp to black floor lamps that come with our without shades, all of this and more can be viewed now at our selection of black floor lamps. 

Decorative and durable black floor lamps in different styles. 

If you're looking for the perfect floor lamp we have a large range of different styles that are decorative and highly durable. Black floor lamps emit beautiful lighting and can act as the perfect background lighting in addition to other lights in a room, choose from black uplighters that come with LED reading arms perfect in your living room to read books during the evening if you don't want to have any other lights on. How about a large black arc floor lamp that extends over your dining table or a simple and classic black tripod floor lamp with beautiful shade in your bedroom or office. Is your home more vintage inspired? check out our range of vintage inspired black floor lamps with classic shades ranging from the 50s and 60s era, what about a more modern or industrial inspired decor, opt out for sleek and stylish black floor lamps in which you can complete the overall look using decorative LED or halogen bulbs with visible filaments. Most of our floor lamps have matching table lamps, perfect for an office, bedroom or a study room as a complete set. Style your chosen area with our range of black floor lamps with or without shades. Wide range of black floor lamps to choose from. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing black floor lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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