White floor lamps

Extensive range of white floor lamps all available at lampandlight.eu!
White floor lamps
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  1. Tripod-floor-lamp-black-with-cream-shade-adjustable---Scopo
    Tripod floor lamp black with cream shade adjustable - Scopo
    €109.00 €65.95
  2. Romantic-floor-lamp-white---Feather
    Romantic floor lamp white - Feather
    €139.00 €73.95
  3. Floor-Lamp-Black-with-45cm-Dark-Grey-Shade---Tripod
    Floor Lamp Black with 45cm Dark Grey Shade - Tripod
    €149.00 €126.00
  4. Floor-Lamp-Black-with-45cm-White-Pleated-Shade---Classico
    Floor Lamp Black with 45cm White Pleated Shade - Classico
    €179.00 €159.00
  5. Design-floor-lamp-white-incl.-LED-dimmable---Dina
    Design floor lamp white incl. LED dimmable - Dina
    €229.00 €209.00
  6. Klassieke-vloerlamp-brons-met-witte-kap-en-leeslampje---Retro
    Klassieke vloerlamp brons met witte kap en leeslampje - Retro
    €159.00 €122.00
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  7. Modern-Floor-Lamp-White---Lofty
    Modern Floor Lamp White - Lofty
    €76.95 €69.95
  8. Modern-Arc-Lamp-Steel-with-White-Fabric-Shade---Arc-Basic
    Modern Arc Lamp Steel with White Fabric Shade - Arc Basic
    €109.00 €60.95
  9. Floor-lamp-steel-with-white-shade-and-adjustable-arm---Ladas
    Floor lamp steel with white shade and adjustable arm - Ladas
    €139.00 €86.95
  10. Modern-floor-lamp-white-without-shade---Puros
    Modern floor lamp white without shade - Puros
  11. Vintage-vloerlamp-goud-met-plisse-kap-wit-45-cm---Botanica
    Vintage vloerlamp goud met plisse kap wit 45 cm - Botanica
    €203.95 €153.00
  12. Romantic-floor-lamp-chrome-with-white-leaves---Feder
    Romantic floor lamp chrome with white leaves - Feder
    €149.00 €139.00
  13. dark-days-sale

  14. Industrial-floor-lamp-white-with-gray-linen-shade---Tripod
    Industrial floor lamp white with gray linen shade - Tripod
    €149.00 €126.00
  15. Floor-lamp-tripod-white-wood-with-white-shade-50-cm---Puros
    Floor lamp tripod white wood with white shade 50 cm - Puros
    €239.00 €118.00
  16. Design-floor-lamp-black-linen-shade-white---Rich
    Design floor lamp black linen shade white - Rich
    €149.00 €114.00
  17. Landelijke-vloerlamp-hout-met-witte-kap---Lengi
    Landelijke vloerlamp hout met witte kap - Lengi
    €119.00 €109.00
  18. Modern-floor-lamp-white-round---VT-1
    Modern floor lamp white round - VT 1
    €89.95 €79.95
  19. Country-floor-lamp-white-without-shade---Tripod
    Country floor lamp white without shade - Tripod
    €99.95 €49.95
  20. Modern-floor-lamp-steel-with-white-pleated-shade-45-cm---Simplo
    Modern floor lamp steel with white pleated shade 45 cm - Simplo
    €109.00 €66.95
  21. Scandinavian-paper-floor-lamp-white---Pepa-Ball
    Scandinavian paper floor lamp white - Pepa Ball
    €139.00 €61.95
  22. Industrial-floor-lamp-white-1-light---Tommy
    Industrial floor lamp white 1-light - Tommy
    €79.95 €43.95
  23. Art-deco-floor-lamp-steel-dimmable-9-light-opal-glass---Fon
    Art deco floor lamp steel dimmable 9-light opal glass - Fon
    €209.00 €166.00
  24. Industrial-floor-lamp-white-with-mango-wood---Mangoes
    Industrial floor lamp white with mango wood - Mangoes
    €209.00 €189.00
  25. Industrial-floor-lamp-white-with-black-linen-shade---Tripod
    Industrial floor lamp white with black linen shade - Tripod
    €159.00 €139.00
  26. Natural-floor-lamp-with-black-linen-shade-45-cm---Tripod
    Natural floor lamp with black linen shade 45 cm - Tripod
  27. Country-floor-lamp-white-with-brown-linen-shade---Tripod
    Country floor lamp white with brown linen shade - Tripod
    €159.00 €139.00
26 Items
Set Descending Direction

White floor lamps have a clean and fresh look to them which can easily fit into a more modern and retro inspired decor. They are perfect as additional lighting and can fit into any space in your chosen room. With our range of LED white floor lamps to a more elegant and charming wooden white floor lamps, we know that you'll love all the styles and designs available now at lampandlight.eu

Simple and stylish white floor lamps designed with perfection. 

Dimmable white floor lamps provide you with the opportunity to control light intensity for the right atmosphere that you want to create, perfect during the evenings to provide a romantic and relaxing setting. Striking and adjustable arc floor lamps with beautiful fabric or opal globe shades are perfect if you have a large area in your living room or dining area in which you require additional lighting or simply for decorative purposes, are you looking for a classic with a hint of vintage, look no further than our classic wooden white floor lamp ranges in which you can accessorise it with a shade of your choosing or simply go for the ones we put together to inspire you. White tripod floor lamps are great, you will find them they come in solid wood or steel based with white finish for a more modern and retro look to your decor, it is also perfect in your office or showrooms. Most of our white floor lamps can easily be complemented with our range of wall lights, ceiling and pendant lights or how about going for a matching table light as a set for your bedroom, perfect when in need for additional and complementary lamps in one area. With our range of white floor lamps, you will find that they are the ideal addition to an existing decor without the need to completely changing your style, start taking advantage of our affordable and beautiful white floor lamps now. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing white floor lamps?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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