Black Pendant Light

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Black Pendant Light
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  1. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-with-mesh-4-light---Cage
    Industrial hanging lamp black with mesh 4-light - Cage
    €219.00 €97.95
  2. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-with-4-light-rack---Cage-Rack
    Industrial hanging lamp black with 4-light rack - Cage Rack
    €299.00 €252.00
  3. Design-round-hanging-lamp-black-40-cm---Pelotas
    Design round hanging lamp black 40 cm - Pelotas
    €59.95 €27.95
  4. E27-Pendant-80cm-Black
    E27 Pendant 80cm Black
    €6.95 €5.95
  5. Modern-ring-hanging-lamp-black-80-cm-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Anello
    Modern ring hanging lamp black 80 cm incl. LED and dimmer - Anello
    €359.00 €319.00
  6. Design-hanging-lamp-smoke-glass-incl.-G200---Cavalux
    Design hanging lamp smoke glass incl. G200 - Cavalux
    €67.95 €62.95
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  7. Hanging-lamp-smoke-glass-incl.-9-light-sources-dimmable---Cavalux
    Hanging lamp smoke glass incl. 9 light sources dimmable - Cavalux
    €529.00 €509.00
  8. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-6-light---Plural
    Industrial hanging lamp black 6-light - Plural
    €219.00 €134.00
  9. Modern-hanging-lamp-anthracite-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Ronith
    Modern hanging lamp anthracite dim to warm incl. LED - Ronith
    €479.00 €393.00
  10. Art-Deco-hanging-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-8-lamps---Uvas
    Art Deco hanging lamp black with smoke glass 8 lamps - Uvas
    €409.00 €369.00
  11. Design-ring-hanging-lamp-black-60cm-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Anello
    Design ring hanging lamp black 60cm incl. LED and dimmer - Anello
  12. Hanging-lamp-black-incl.-9-dimmable-G195-lamps-smoke---Cavalux
    Hanging lamp black incl. 9 dimmable G195 lamps smoke - Cavalux
    €339.00 €319.00
  13. lampandlight-forest

  14. Modern-rectangular-hanging-lamp-black-5-light---Cage
    Modern rectangular hanging lamp black 5-light - Cage
  15. Design-hanging-lamp-black-55cm-incl.-LED-dimmable---Rowan
    Design hanging lamp black 55cm incl. LED dimmable - Rowan
    €329.00 €270.00
  16. Design-hanging-lamp-black-135-cm-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Cavolo
    Design hanging lamp black 135 cm incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Cavolo
    €299.00 €269.00
  17. Design-hanging-lamp-black---Tuba-small
    Design hanging lamp black - Tuba small
    €66.95 €50.95
  18. Retro-hanging-lamp-black---Granny-Frame-3
    Retro hanging lamp black - Granny Frame 3
    €109.00 €62.95
  19. Moderne-ronde-hanglamp-zwart-70-cm---Wire-Dos
    Moderne ronde hanglamp zwart 70 cm - Wire Dos
    €239.00 €215.00
  20. Design-hanging-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-4-light---Dome
    Design hanging lamp black with smoke glass 4-light - Dome
    €179.00 €144.00
  21. Design-hanging-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-3-light-226-cm---Qara
    Design hanging lamp black with smoke glass 3-light 226 cm - Qara
    €259.00 €239.00
  22. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-4-light---Captiva
    Industrial hanging lamp black 4-light - Captiva
    €199.00 €120.00
  23. Set-of-2-industrial-hanging-lamps-black---Warrior
    Set of 2 industrial hanging lamps black - Warrior
  24. Industrial-pendant-lamp-black-5-lamps---Darren
    Industrial pendant lamp black 5 lamps - Darren
    €129.00 €41.95
  25. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-with-wood-3-light---Arthur
    Industrial hanging lamp black with wood 3-light - Arthur
    €269.00 €249.00
  26. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-3-lights---Pelle-3
    Industrial hanging lamp black 3-lights - Pelle 3
    €299.00 €269.00
  27. Design-hanging-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-3-light-161.5-cm---Qara
    Design hanging lamp black with smoke glass 3-light 161.5 cm - Qara
    €259.00 €239.00
  28. Design-hanging-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-3-light---Dome
    Design hanging lamp black with smoke glass 3-light - Dome
    €139.00 €117.00
  29. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black---Cage-4
    Industrial hanging lamp black - Cage 4
    €199.00 €97.95
  30. Modern-hanging-lamp-black-74cm-incl.-LED-3-steps-dimmable---Rowan
    Modern hanging lamp black 74cm incl. LED 3 steps dimmable - Rowan
    €249.00 €140.00
  31. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-with-gold-70-cm---Magna
    Industrial hanging lamp black with gold 70 cm - Magna
    €369.00 €234.00
  32. Design-hanging-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-8-lamps---Uvas
    Design hanging lamp black with smoke glass 8 lamps - Uvas
    €449.00 €207.00
  33. Modern-Round-Pendant-Lamp-Black-with-Gold-3-Layer---Titus
    Modern Round Pendant Lamp Black with Gold 3-Layer - Titus
    €179.00 €169.00
  34. Design-hanging-lamp-black-with-golden-interior-3-lights---Buell
    Design hanging lamp black with golden interior 3 lights - Buell
    €199.00 €150.00
  35. Modern-Adjustable-Pendant-Lamp-6-Black---Lofty
    Modern Adjustable Pendant Lamp 6 Black - Lofty
    €149.00 €91.95
  36. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-3-light---Boula
    Industrial hanging lamp black 3-light - Boula
    €249.00 €207.00
  37. Design-hanging-lamp-black-3-step-dimmable-incl.-LED---Filum
    Design hanging lamp black 3-step dimmable incl. LED - Filum
    €219.00 €199.00
227 Items
Set Descending Direction

Come and view our charming, classic and flawless black pendant lights! Add elegance to your decor with a black pendant lamp that exudes charm and character whilst having the ability to match almost all existing decor. Match your chosen black pendant lamp with your black wall lamp, table or floor light to compliment and finish the look of your bedroom, dining room and living area. Be creative by combining a set of 3 or more black pendant lights over a dining table or kitchen island to make an impressive statement. Give your chosen room a remarkable transformation with a new black pendant lamp today!

Trendy and timeless black pendant lights for any room of the home

It is surprising how a simple but striking black pendant lamp can completely change the look of your room. Our black pendants lamps come in many styles, sizes and eye catching designs to inspire you. We have many black pendant lights in modern, rustic, antique and retro designs, endless choices to suit your personal flair. We also have many designer black pendant lamps such as QAZQA available in many different ideas to compliment your decor. Consider a black pendant lamp with an IP44 and above rating to install in your porch or veranda area to create a beautiful atmosphere to relax in in the evenings. Choose a LED bulb with a decorative filament to add extra charm and completely change the look of your black pendant light. Another option is to chose a black pendant lamp with an inbuilt LED to always remain energy efficient. Make a statement with the perfect black pendant lamp from our collection now!  

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing black pendant lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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