Bathroom Spotlights

Shopping for new bathroom spotlights? At you will find a sleek collection of bathroom spotlights.
Bathroom Spotlights
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  1. Set-of-3-modern-recessed-spotlights-white-IP44---Gap
    Set of 3 modern recessed spotlights white IP44 - Gap
    €58.95 €22.95
  2. Modern-bathroom-spot-black-3-light-IP44---Ducha
    Modern bathroom spot black 3-light IP44 - Ducha
    €76.95 €33.95
  3. Set-of-5-modern-built-in-spotlights-incl.-LED-IP67---Guard
    Set of 5 modern built-in spotlights incl. LED IP67 - Guard
    €64.95 €41.95
  4. Modern-bathroom-spot-steel-2-light-IP44---Ducha
    Modern bathroom spot steel 2-light IP44 - Ducha
  5. Modern-bathroom-spot-black-2-light-IP44---Ducha
    Modern bathroom spot black 2-light IP44 - Ducha
    €59.95 €54.95
  6. Modern-round-recessed-spot-set-of-3-IP44---Hole
    Modern round recessed spot set of 3 IP44 - Hole
    €55.95 €48.95
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  7. Modern-recessed-spot-aluminum-IP54---Spa
    Modern recessed spot aluminum IP54 - Spa
    €21.95 €12.95
  8. Modern-bathroom-spot-steel-3-light-IP44---Ducha
    Modern bathroom spot steel 3-light IP44 - Ducha
  9. Modern-bathroom-spot-steel-IP44---Ducha
    Modern bathroom spot steel IP44 - Ducha
  10. Modern-bathroom-spot-black-IP44---Ducha
    Modern bathroom spot black IP44 - Ducha
    €32.95 €29.95
  11. Recessed-spotlight-black-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Recessed spotlight black incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Ulo
  12. Recessed-spotlight-silver-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Recessed spotlight silver incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €10.95 €8.95
  13. lampandlight-forest

  14. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-white-incl.-LED-IP44---Relax-LED
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights white incl. LED IP44 - Relax LED
    €39.95 €31.95
  15. Set-van-3-inbouwspots-wit-incl.-LED-3000K-5W-IP65---Blanca
    Set van 3 inbouwspots wit incl. LED 3000K 5W IP65 - Blanca
    €31.95 €18.95
  16. Modern-Recessed-Spotlight-Black---Xena-Round
    Modern Recessed Spotlight Black - Xena Round
    €21.95 €13.95
  17. Modern-recessed-spot-white-IP44---Gap
    Modern recessed spot white IP44 - Gap
    €22.95 €8.95
  18. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-square-steel-incl.-LED-IP65---Simply
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights square steel incl. LED IP65 - Simply
  19. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-round-steel-incl.-LED-IP65---Simply
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights round steel incl. LED IP65 - Simply
  20. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-steel-incl.-LED-IP44---Relax-LED
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights steel incl. LED IP44 - Relax LED
    €39.95 €27.95
  21. Modern-round-recessed-spot-white-IP44---Hole
    Modern round recessed spot white IP44 - Hole
  22. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-white-incl.-LED-3000K-4W-IP65---Blanca
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights white incl. LED 3000K 4W IP65 - Blanca
    €25.95 €13.95
  23. Built-in-spot-aluminum-IP54---Xena-Round
    Built-in spot aluminum IP54 - Xena Round
    €21.95 €10.95
  24. Modern-recessed-spot-aluminum-IP54-dimmable---Anex
    Modern recessed spot aluminum IP54 dimmable - Anex
    €16.95 €9.95
  25. Modern-recessed-spot-black-IP44---Gap
    Modern recessed spot black IP44 - Gap
    €22.95 €9.95
  26. Moderme-bathroom-recessed-spot-black---Xena-Square
    Moderme bathroom recessed spot black - Xena Square
    €21.95 €10.95
25 Items
Set Descending Direction

If you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom or simply would like a new look for your old bathroom, why not come and browse our bathroom spotlight collection? With our large range of bathroom spotlights, you will be sure to find the right one for your needs. We have IP44 through to IP65 depending on what zone you are looking to install in and from there you can pair the ideal bathroom spotlight with the appropriate halogen bulb or LED bulb. The type of bathroom spotlight you choose for your bathroom will provide you with a strong practical light while still remaining cosy and warm. Come and view what we have available!

Create the perfect spa feeling in your bathroom with our range of spotlights! 

Every bathroom is different and everyone has their own unique style and flair. Some prefer their bathroom spotlights to be solely practical and provide a strong yet warm light while being energy efficient with an LED bulb. Others may have a specific look in mind when it comes to colour such as, black, white, copper or chrome as well as the shape such as round bathroom spotlights to square or oblong. Take into account whether you need directional bathroom spotlights to direct the light where you need it or whether downlighter spotlights to provide a more blanket/spread out light may be your perfect solution. Create a spa feel by installing your dimmable bathroom spollight to a dimmer switch while bathroom spotlights with built-in LEDs may be a great solution for those who are energy conscious. Our designer brands like QAZQA create their bathroom spotlights with care as well as style. All of these ideas and more are available here at!

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing bathroom spotlights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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