Bronze Table Lamps

In need of a bold bronze table lamp? A wide variety of broze table lamps are available at!
Bronze Table Lamps
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  1. Art-Deco-Table-Lamp-Black-with-35cm-Aged-Bronze-Shade---Simplo
    Art Deco Table Lamp Black with 35cm Aged Bronze Shade - Simplo
    €99.95 €54.95
  2. Art-Deco-bronze-table-lamp-incl.-LED---Tableau
    Art Deco bronze table lamp incl. LED - Tableau
    €59.95 €53.95
  3. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-bronze-shade-35-cm---Torre
    Art deco table lamp black with bronze shade 35 cm - Torre
    €159.00 €105.00
  4. Art-Deco-table-lamp-bronze-without-shade---Torre
    Art Deco table lamp bronze without shade - Torre
  5. Art-Deco-table-lamp-bronze-35-cm---Kevie
    Art Deco table lamp bronze 35 cm - Kevie
    €84.95 €79.95
  6. Art-Deco-table-lamp-bronze-without-shade---Diverso
    Art Deco table lamp bronze without shade - Diverso
    €109.00 €76.95
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  7. Art-Deco-table-lamp-bronze-41-cm---Kevie
    Art Deco table lamp bronze 41 cm - Kevie
    €99.95 €60.95
  8. Classic-table-lamp-bronze-with-sliding-rod---Corsaire
    Classic table lamp bronze with sliding rod - Corsaire
    €149.00 €139.00
  9. Classic-Table-Lamp-Bronze-with-White-Shade---Ashley
    Classic Table Lamp Bronze with White Shade - Ashley
    €87.95 €47.95
  10. Table-lamp-bronze-with-shade-white-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp bronze with shade white 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €76.95 €35.95
  11. Table-lamp-bronze-with-shade-brown-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp bronze with shade brown 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €76.95 €28.95
  12. Table-Lamp-Adjustable-Bronze---Parte
    Table Lamp Adjustable Bronze - Parte
    €44.95 €22.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Art-deco-table-lamp-with-velor-shade-green-50-cm---Torre
    Art deco table lamp with velor shade green 50 cm - Torre
    €159.00 €75.95
  15. Art-deco-table-lamp-with-velor-shade-green-35-cm---Diverso
    Art deco table lamp with velor shade green 35 cm - Diverso
    €159.00 €73.95
  16. Bronze-table-lamp-with-black-shade-23-cm---Cleo
    Bronze table lamp with black shade 23 cm - Cleo
    €39.95 €35.95
15 Items
Set Descending Direction

We have one of the largest bronze table lamp collections available online for you to find the perfect match! Energize your home or office with a bronze table lamp from our range. Bronze table lamps can be both beautiful statement makers while also being practical and providing you with extra light wherever you need it. Find the right style bronze table lamp you need whether it be antique inspired or retro, modern to country, so many to choose from. Come and see our bronze table lamps in many different sizes and shapes here at!

Many robust, classy and bold bronze table lamps to suit your sense of style!

Come and view our sleek and stylish bronze table lamps that come in many different styles and designs. Consider keeping traditional with a bronze bankers lamp for your home or office or add a modern twist with a bronze table lamp with a built-in LED so you never have to worry about changing the bulb. Many of our bronze table lamps keep with the art deco theme as they are complimented by beautiful mottled glass shades. Customise your own bronze table lamp by choosing your own beautiful fabric shade from our collection available in many different colours. Keep your energy bills low by selecting a LED bulb for your bronze table lamp or consider dimmable to give yourself complete control of creating a strong bright light down to a romantic atmosphere. Be inspired and look through our collection or bronze table lamps with us today!

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing bronze table lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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