Retro table lamps

Shopping for some retro table lamps? Look no further than where a large collection is available!
Retro table lamps
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  1. Bankers-Lamp-Gold-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Gold with Green Shade
    €76.95 €47.95
  2. Vintage-table-lamp-brass-with-peacock-shade---Hazard-B
    Vintage table lamp brass with peacock shade - Hazard B
    €239.00 €106.00
  3. Retro-table-lamp-black---Chappie
    Retro table lamp black - Chappie
  4. Art-deco-table-lamp-gray-40-cm---Rik
    Art deco table lamp gray 40 cm - Rik
    €119.00 €74.95
  5. Country-table-lamp-gray-with-shade-beige-35-cm---Rik-S
    Country table lamp gray with shade beige 35 cm - Rik S
  6. Vintage-Table-Lamp-Large-Gold---Botanica
    Vintage Table Lamp Large Gold - Botanica
    €159.00 €101.00
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  7. Design-clamp-spot-white-with-flexarm---Egg
    Design clamp spot white with flexarm - Egg
    €34.95 €21.95
  8. Retro-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Hazard-B
    Retro table lamp gold without shade - Hazard B
    €139.00 €125.00
  9. Retro-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Hazard-A
    Retro table lamp gold without shade - Hazard A
    €99.95 €89.95
  10. Retro-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Hazard-C
    Retro table lamp gold without shade - Hazard C
    €99.95 €79.95
  11. Rural-table-lamp-brown---Arta-XS-vintage
    Rural table lamp brown - Arta XS vintage
  12. Retro-table-lamp-brass-with-Pleated-shade-cream-25-cm---Kaso
    Retro table lamp brass with Pleated shade cream 25 cm - Kaso
    €69.95 €25.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Retro-table-lamp-brass-with-Granny-frame-black-30-cm---Kaso
    Retro table lamp brass with Granny frame black 30 cm - Kaso
    €69.95 €29.95
  15. Retro-table-lamp-brass-with-Granny-frame-black-25-cm---Kaso
    Retro table lamp brass with Granny frame black 25 cm - Kaso
    €64.95 €22.95
  16. Classic-table-lamp-brass---Kaso
    Classic table lamp brass - Kaso
    €54.95 €33.95
  17. Vintage-Table-Lamp-Small-Leaf-Gold---Botanica
    Vintage Table Lamp Small Leaf Gold - Botanica
  18. Rural-table-lamp-brown-with-white-shade---Arta-XS-vintage
    Rural table lamp brown with white shade - Arta XS vintage
    €109.00 €47.95
  19. Bankers-Lamp-Bronze-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Bronze with Green Shade
    €76.95 €40.95
  20. Vintage-Table-Lamp-Gold-with-Velvet-Peacock-Shade---Hazard-C
    Vintage Table Lamp Gold with Velvet Peacock Shade - Hazard C
    €159.00 €92.95
  21. Vintage-table-lamp-brass-with-peacock-shade---Hazard-A
    Vintage table lamp brass with peacock shade - Hazard A
    €159.00 €101.00
  22. Classic-table-lamp-brown-with-white-shade---Inca-XS
    Classic table lamp brown with white shade - Inca XS
  23. Classic-table-lamp-brown-stone---Inca-XS
    Classic table lamp brown stone - Inca XS
    €99.95 €55.95
24 Items
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Are you looking to add some table lamps with a retro flair to your home? Get inspired by looks from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s here at where we have a large selection to choose from! Many of our retro table lamps are conveniently designed with in-built LEDs so that you will never have to change the bulb again. Consider one of our touch function retro table lamps, a fantastic addition for any retro style bedroom. Check out our large retro table lamp collection now!

Quirky and decorative retro table lamp to complete your home

Retro table lamps can make a stunning difference to your existing retro style decor. Customise your own table lamp by pairing it with a retro style fabric shade or a wire frame open shade to really make a quirky statement. We have many art deco style table lamps with marbled glass shades or if classic is more your retro look then consider a wooden table lamp beautifully crafted by one of our many brands such as QAZQA. If you are looking to create a disco vibe, pair your retur table lamp with a colour changing LED RGB bulb to create a further retro ambiance! Other options include retro table lamps in bold, abstract shapes which will be sure to catch your eye while still providing enough light to your chosen room. Choose a retro table lamp with an adjustable head and/or hinges so that you can direct your light to wherever it needs to be. Always be energy efficient by using LED bulbs in your retro table lamp or choose one that has in-built LEDs so you never have to worry about changing the bulb over! We also have many decorative LED filament bulbs - so many options to compliment your retro style decor! All of these ideas and more can be found at!

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing retro table lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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