Glass wall lights

Classic and trendy glass wall lights that are perfect for any chosen area can be found at!
Glass wall lights
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  1. Classic-wall-lamp-chrome-IP44---Bath-2
    Classic wall lamp chrome IP44 - Bath 2
    €39.95 €21.95
  2. Modern-wall-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Vidra
    Modern wall lamp black with smoke glass - Vidra
    €49.95 €23.95
  3. Modern-round-bathroom-mirror-incl.-LED-IP44---Miral
    Modern round bathroom mirror incl. LED IP44 - Miral
    €249.00 €140.00
  4. Design-wall-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Dome
    Design wall lamp black with smoke glass - Dome
    €49.95 €44.95
  5. Modern-bathroom-mirror-60x80-cm-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer-IP44---Miral
    Modern bathroom mirror 60x80 cm incl. LED with touch dimmer IP44 - Miral
    €399.00 €129.00
  6. Modern-bathroom-mirror-60x100-cm-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer-and-shelf---Miral
    Modern bathroom mirror 60x100 cm incl. LED with touch dimmer and shelf - Miral
    €499.00 €250.00
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  7. Wall-lamp-half-round-gray---Drum
    Wall lamp half round gray - Drum
    €44.95 €26.95
  8. Bathroom-mirror-60x80-cm-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer-and-clock---Miral
    Bathroom mirror 60x80 cm incl. LED with touch dimmer and clock - Miral
    €399.00 €192.00
  9. Art-deco-wall-lamp-gold-with-opal-glass---Flore
    Art deco wall lamp gold with opal glass - Flore
    €49.95 €44.95
  10. Modern-chrome-wall-lamp-incl.-LED-IP44---Kolian
    Modern chrome wall lamp incl. LED IP44 - Kolian
    €139.00 €129.00
  11. Modern-bathroom-wall-lamp-steel-2-lights-incl.-LED---Dilan
    Modern bathroom wall lamp steel 2-lights incl. LED - Dilan
    €77.95 €69.95
  12. Modern-wall-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-IP44---Dilan
    Modern wall lamp steel incl. LED IP44 - Dilan
    €44.95 €39.95
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  14. Modern-wall-lamp-black-2-lights-with-smoke-glass---Athens
    Modern wall lamp black 2-lights with smoke glass - Athens
    €52.95 €27.95
  15. Art-Deco-wall-lamp-steel-with-opal-glass---Bolsena
    Art Deco wall lamp steel with opal glass - Bolsena
    €99.95 €51.95
  16. Design-wall-lamp-aluminum---Block
    Design wall lamp aluminum - Block
    €44.95 €33.95
  17. Design-bathroom-mirror-chrome-incl.-LED-adjustable-IP44---Vicino
    Design bathroom mirror chrome incl. LED adjustable IP44 - Vicino
    €87.95 €48.95
  18. Modern-Rectangle-Wall-Lamp-Grey---Drum
    Modern Rectangle Wall Lamp Grey - Drum
    €44.95 €28.95
  19. Design-wall-mirror-black-incl.-LED-adjustable-IP44-with-pull-cord---Vicino
    Design wall mirror black incl. LED adjustable IP44 with pull cord - Vicino
    €99.95 €53.95
  20. Design-wall-lamp-gold-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Notia
    Design wall lamp gold incl. LED with touch dimmer - Notia
    €89.95 €48.95
  21. Design-wall-lamp-brass-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Notia
    Design wall lamp brass incl. LED with touch dimmer - Notia
    €84.95 €46.95
  22. Modern-wall-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Notia
    Modern wall lamp steel incl. LED with touch dimmer - Notia
    €87.95 €44.95
  23. Design-wall-lamp-black-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Notia
    Design wall lamp black incl. LED with touch dimmer - Notia
    €84.95 €43.95
  24. Design-wall-lamp-black-with-gold-with-flex-arm---Melone
    Design wall lamp black with gold with flex arm - Melone
    €42.95 €37.95
  25. Modern-wall-lamp-gold-2-light-with-smoke-glass---Athens
    Modern wall lamp gold 2-light with smoke glass - Athens
    €62.95 €31.95
  26. Modern-wall-lamp-black-with-gold-2-lights---Athens-Wire
    Modern wall lamp black with gold 2-lights - Athens Wire
    €52.95 €26.95
  27. Industrial-wall-lamp-black-tiltable---Pekka
    Industrial wall lamp black tiltable - Pekka
    €44.95 €22.95
  28. Modern-Rectangle-Wall-Lamp-White---Drum
    Modern Rectangle Wall Lamp White - Drum
    €44.95 €20.95
  29. Set-of-2-chrome-wall-lamps-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-2
    Set of 2 chrome wall lamps with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 2
    €98.95 €61.95
  30. Design-wall-mirror-black-incl.-LED-IP44--Barba
    Design wall mirror black incl. LED IP44- Barba
    €129.00 €55.95
  31. Classic-wall-lamp-chrome-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-2
    Classic wall lamp chrome with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 2
    €49.95 €33.95
  32. Country-Half-Round-Wall-Lamp-Brown---Drum
    Country Half Round Wall Lamp Brown - Drum
    €44.95 €32.95
  33. Rustic-brown-wall-lamp-with-glass---Dallas
    Rustic brown wall lamp with glass - Dallas
  34. Modern-wall-mirror-chrome-incl.-LED-IP44---Barba
    Modern wall mirror chrome incl. LED IP44 - Barba
    €129.00 €19.95
  35. Modern-Adjustable-Wall-Lamp-Steel-Swivel-incl.-LED---Kazam
    Modern Adjustable Wall Lamp Steel Swivel incl. LED - Kazam
    €109.00 €99.95
  36. Industrial-Harmonica-Arm-Wall-Lamp-Rust-Brown-with-Glass-Shade---Scissors-Glass
    Industrial Harmonica Arm Wall Lamp Rust Brown with Glass Shade - Scissors Glass
    €99.95 €98.95
  37. Industrial-wall-lamp-steel-with-vintage-glass---Kono
    Industrial wall lamp steel with vintage glass - Kono
    €84.95 €79.95
36 Items
Set Descending Direction

We have a large collection of glass wall lights available at! Glass wall light are stylish and create a sense of space when mounted on a wall, they come in all forms of size and style with beautiful base fixtures. They make a great addition as decorative and statment making lights for for indoor and outdoor use, from outdoor glass wall lights as part of your garden decor to indoor wall light perfect for your kitchen, hallway or bedroom. Various sizes and styles that will complement vintage, retro or classic decors can all be found with us at!

Timeless and stylish glass wall lights for an atmospheric lighting

A variety of glass wall lights are available that will suit areas of your home or place of business where you require clean and sleek appearance but would like create striking and atmospheric lighting. Extensive range of modern glass wall lights with built-in LED lights for your living room to go with your existing furniture or an orante and rustic designed wall lights for your kitchen to go with your country theme that you may have, choose from various types and styles we have in stock now! Glass wall lights are the finishing touch to your decor as additional lighting to go with pendant lights, chandelier or ceiling lights. You will find an extensive range of glass wall lights that are frosted, beautiful ornate designs and elegant alabaster glass shades that emit beautiful and warm light when on, some of our glass wall lights have chrome, steel or brass base fixtures that will add extra colour and look to your overall design. Choose the ideal glass wall light that will fit your chosen room to either create extra lighting, set an atmospheric mood or simply as a decorative piece. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing glass wall lights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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