Outdoor spotlights

Check out our range of outdoor spotlights directly available for you to order today!
Outdoor spotlights are perfect when you are either lacking space or want to highlight certain areas in your garden! All available in different styles and sizes allowing you to easily use it where you need it the most. Transform your garden today!

Outdoor spotlights
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  1. Set-of-3-outdoor-ground-spot-black-incl.-LED-IP67---Ceci-2
    Set of 3 outdoor ground spot black incl. LED IP67 - Ceci 2
    €159.00 €84.95
  2. Ground-spot-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-IP44---Jorden
    Ground spot incl. LED on solar energy IP44 - Jorden
    €12.95 €10.95
  3. Modern-outdoor-ground-spot-stainless-steel-IP65---Delux
    Modern outdoor ground spot stainless steel IP65 - Delux
    €74.95 €41.95
  4. Modern-ground-spot-steel-16.5-cm-IP67---Basic-Round
    Modern ground spot steel 16.5 cm IP67 - Basic Round
    €99.95 €57.95
  5. Modern-ground-spot-steel-13.5-cm-IP67---Basic-Square
    Modern ground spot steel 13.5 cm IP67 - Basic Square
    €109.00 €59.95
  6. Modern-ground-spot-steel-stainless-steel---Basic-Round
    Modern ground spot steel stainless steel - Basic Round
    €37.95 €34.95
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  7. Ground-spot-steel-10.5-cm-IP65---Basic-Square
    Ground spot steel 10.5 cm IP65 - Basic Square
  8. Modern-outdoor-ground-spot-black-incl.-LED-IP67---Ceci
    Modern outdoor ground spot black incl. LED IP67 - Ceci
    €54.95 €33.95
  9. Modern-outdoor-ground-spot-gray-incl.-LED-IP67---Ceci
    Modern outdoor ground spot gray incl. LED IP67 - Ceci
  10. Modern-outdoor-ground-spot-gray-incl.-LED-IP67---Ceci-2
    Modern outdoor ground spot gray incl. LED IP67 - Ceci 2
  11. Garden-spot-black-incl.-Cord-and-plug-230-cm-IP65---Basic
    Garden spot black incl. Cord and plug 230 cm IP65 - Basic
    €32.95 €23.95
  12. Outdoor-ground-spot-steel-IP67---Basic-Round
    Outdoor ground spot steel IP67 - Basic Round
    €37.95 €23.95
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  14. Modern-outdoor-ground-spot-solar-incl.-LED-square---Erda
    Modern outdoor ground spot solar incl. LED square - Erda
    €14.95 €13.95
  15. Set-of-5-outdoor-ground-spots-stainless-steel-IP65---Delux
    Set of 5 outdoor ground spots stainless steel IP65 - Delux
    €369.00 €139.00
  16. Set-of-5-Ground-spots-steel-IP65---Basic-Square
    Set of 5 Ground spots steel IP65 - Basic Square
    €219.00 €169.00
15 Items
Set Descending Direction

Outdoor spotlights

Outdoor spotlights are ideal when you require to light any outdoor area such as your garden and driver way. However, our outdoor spotlights doesn't have to be just to get light but it could also be that you would like to illuminate your garden flowers, trees or wall. We have a wide range of different outdoor spots, such as Spike Spotlight where you pin it to the ground to LED Spotlights for longer lasting and more energy efficient to Solar spotlights where the sun's energy powers the light. How about some of our Wall Spots that is easy to mount and creates a feature light against your wall or the RGB colour changing lights to add colour to your garden! Order your outdoor spotlights at lampandlight.eu!

Recessed, LED and ground spotlights are all found on lampandlight.co.uk!

You will find large collection of different outdoor spotlights that is sure to meet your requirements at lampandlight.eu! Complete your garden with recessed spotlights that are warm white or RGB colour changing to ground spots that can take the weight of a car for your driveway. Why not opt out for LED spotlights that will last a lot longer and are more energy efficient, saving you money! During shorter days of the year we require more lighting so why not choose up and down wall spotlights with motion sensors or flood lights for those really dark areas around your home or building. Complete the ultimate look with our lights for both indoors and outdoors!

Need help or advise when it comes to LED spotlights?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding an outdoor spotlight. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.

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