Floor lamps

Wide range of different colours in our range of floor lamps!
Floor lamps can be used as additional lighting or as a statement making piece in your chosen area! Our range include adjustable, modern, industrial and designer inspired floor lamps with or without a shade and many more styles, sizes and colours!

Floor lamps
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  1. Modern-Floor-Lamp-White---Lofty
    Modern Floor Lamp White - Lofty
    €76.95 €47.95
  2. Modern-floor-lamp-LED-chrome---Line-up
    Modern floor lamp LED chrome - Line-up
    €109.00 €65.95
  3. Industrial-floor-lamp-steel-185-cm-adjustable---Hobby
    Industrial floor lamp steel 185 cm adjustable - Hobby
    €169.00 €102.00
  4. Artemide-Floor-Lamp---Tolomeo-Lettura
    Artemide Floor Lamp - Tolomeo Lettura
    €365.00 €328.50
  5. Artemide-floor-lamp-aluminum-adjustable---Artemide-Tolomeo-Terra
    Artemide floor lamp aluminum adjustable - Artemide Tolomeo Terra
    €480.00 €432.00
  6. Art-Deco-floor-lamp-brass-with-marble---Cava
    Art Deco floor lamp brass with marble - Cava
    €119.00 €62.95
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  7. Modern-arc-lamp-steel-adjustable---Grande
    Modern arc lamp steel adjustable - Grande
  8. Floor-lamp-with-wooden-tripod-and-studio-spot---Tripod-Shiny
    Floor lamp with wooden tripod and studio spot - Tripod Shiny
    €299.00 €234.00
  9. Industrial-floor-lamp-black-with-wood---Reena
    Industrial floor lamp black with wood - Reena
    €129.00 €59.95
  10. Industrial-floor-lamp-black-185-cm-adjustable---Hobby
    Industrial floor lamp black 185 cm adjustable - Hobby
    €169.00 €105.00
  11. Industrial-Floor-Lamp-Grey---Samia
    Industrial Floor Lamp Grey - Samia
  12. Classic-floor-lamp-anthracite-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Ragna
    Classic floor lamp anthracite incl. LED and dimmer - Ragna
  13. clearancesale

  14. Rural-floor-lamp-rattan---Manila
    Rural floor lamp rattan - Manila
  15. Set-of-2-modern-floor-lamps-LED-chrome---Line-up
    Set of 2 modern floor lamps LED chrome - Line-up
    €209.00 €119.00
  16. Floor-Lamp-Black---Classico
    Floor Lamp Black - Classico
  17. Modern-floor-lamp-steel-with-reading-arm-incl.-LED---Divo
    Modern floor lamp steel with reading arm incl. LED - Divo
    €179.00 €141.00
  18. Modern-black-floor-lamp---Bliss-Mesh
    Modern black floor lamp - Bliss Mesh
  19. Industrial-floor-lamp-white-3-light---Tommy
    Industrial floor lamp white 3-light - Tommy
  20. Modern-black-with-golden-floor-lamp---Bliss-Mesh
    Modern black with golden floor lamp - Bliss Mesh
  21. Black-arc-lamp-with-velor-shade-butterfly-with-gold-50-cm---XXL
    Black arc lamp with velor shade butterfly with gold 50 cm - XXL
    €259.00 €143.00
  22. Modern-arc-lamp-chrome-adjustable-without-shade
    Modern arc lamp chrome adjustable without shade
    €179.00 €95.95
  23. Industrial-Floor-Lamp-Tripod-Black---Frodo
    Industrial Floor Lamp Tripod Black - Frodo
  24. Steel-floor-lamp-with-reading-lamp-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Diva-2
    Steel floor lamp with reading lamp incl. LED and dimmer - Diva 2
    €129.00 €116.00
  25. Industrial-floor-lamp-steel-1-light---Tommy
    Industrial floor lamp steel 1 light - Tommy
  26. Retro-floor-lamp-black-with-Granny-shade-of-gold-45-cm---Simplo
    Retro floor lamp black with Granny shade of gold 45 cm - Simplo
    €159.00 €93.95
  27. Floor-Lamp-Black-with-45cm-Black-Granny-Frame-Shade---Classico
    Floor Lamp Black with 45cm Black Granny Frame Shade - Classico
    €179.00 €89.95
  28. Industrial-adjustable-floor-lamp-gray-2-light---Rebus
    Industrial adjustable floor lamp gray 2-light - Rebus
    €99.95 €82.95
  29. Design-vloerlamp-staal-met-witte-kap-3-lichts---Noukie
    Design vloerlamp staal met witte kap 3-lichts - Noukie
  30. Design-floor-lamp-steel-with-gray-shade-3-lights---Noukie
    Design floor lamp steel with gray shade 3 lights - Noukie
  31. Art-Deco-floor-lamp-gold-1-light---Tommy
    Art Deco floor lamp gold 1-light - Tommy
  32. Industrial-floor-lamp-white-1-light---Tommy
    Industrial floor lamp white 1-light - Tommy
    €79.95 €71.95
  33. Industrial-floor-lamp-anthracite-1-light---Mono
    Industrial floor lamp anthracite 1-light - Mono
    €219.00 €47.94
  34. Modern-Floor-Lamp-Tripod-Wood-with-Black---Birds
    Modern Floor Lamp Tripod Wood with Black - Birds
    €169.00 €59.94
  35. Retro-floor-lamp-black-with-Granny-shade-black-with-gray-45-cm---Simplo
    Retro floor lamp black with Granny shade black with gray 45 cm - Simplo
    €159.00 €53.95
  36. Black-floor-lamp-with-Granny-Frame-shade-black-45-cm---Simplo
    Black floor lamp with Granny Frame shade black 45 cm - Simplo
    €119.00 €44.95
70 Items
Set Descending Direction

Floor lamps

We have one of the largest collection of floor lamps available online! You are able to find a floor lamp that suits your needs and functionality as well as complimenting your current or new decor. Floor lamps are always a good solution for general lighting or to provide additional lighting in any space, they fit almost into any room and are easy to be moved around. Choose from Arc Lamps to Uplighters or classical lights with shades to a more industrial and vintage style. Already have your own floor lamp, why not pair it with one of our standing fabric shades that come in a variety of sizes and colours or why not opt out for a steel or copper globe shades for a modern look. Choose from a wide range of dimmable lights which allows you to control light intensity for the right atmosphere that you want to create or choose an uplighter with reading arm that will make reading an enjoyable experience!

Create your own design.

If that is not all, how about creating your own design! You can mix n’ match modern floor lamps by choosing the light and shade that suits you best. Choose a tripod floor lamp and customise it with the type of shade, size and colour that you want. This way you will create the perfect light that will fit your chosen room. You may find some of our copper floor lamps are part of series or collections, this allows you to design a room with the same collection ranging from tripod floor lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps and wall lamps.

Need help or advise when it comes to Floor lamps?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.

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