Kitchen Pendant lights

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Kitchen Pendant lights
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  1. Rattan-hanging-lamp---Calamus
    Rattan hanging lamp - Calamus
    €99.95 €64.95
  2. Industrial-hanging-lamp-gray-with-white-inside---Folder
    Industrial hanging lamp gray with white inside - Folder
    €109.00 €54.95
  3. Design-hanging-lamp-white-97-cm---Pirce-Suspension
    Design hanging lamp white 97 cm - Pirce Suspension
    €830.00 €747.00
  4. Retro-hanging-lamp-cream-35-cm---Pleated
    Retro hanging lamp cream 35 cm - Pleated
    €33.95 €15.95
  5. Industrial-hanging-lamp-gold---Carcass
    Industrial hanging lamp gold - Carcass
    €54.95 €49.95
  6. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-60-cm-dim-to-warm---Ollie
    Modern hanging lamp steel incl. LED 60 cm dim to warm - Ollie
    €659.00 €549.00
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  7. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust-brown-35-cm---Magna-Classic
    Industrial hanging lamp rust brown 35 cm - Magna Classic
    €99.95 €56.95
  8. Design-ring-hanging-lamp-black-80cm-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Anello
    Design ring hanging lamp black 80cm incl. LED and dimmer - Anello
    €359.00 €266.00
  9. Adjustable-hanging-lamp-brass-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Juliet
    Adjustable hanging lamp brass dim to warm incl. LED - Juliet
    €539.00 €479.00
  10. Adjustable-hanging-lamp-anthracite-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Juliet
    Adjustable hanging lamp anthracite dim to warm incl. LED - Juliet
    €539.00 €479.00
  11. Design-hanging-lamp-wood---Twan
    Design hanging lamp wood - Twan
    €42.95 €38.95
  12. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-Aluminium-incl.-LED---Plazas-3-
    Modern Pendant Lamp Aluminium incl. LED - Plazas 3
    €539.00 €429.00
  13. summer-savings

  14. Pendant-Lamp-with-Pleated-Shade-35cm-White---Blitz-II-Black
    Pendant Lamp with Pleated Shade 35cm White - Blitz II Black
    €219.00 €171.00
  15. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-Black---Tubo
    Modern Pendant Lamp Black - Tubo
    €79.95 €71.95
  16. Modern-hanging-lamp-anthracite-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Ronith
    Modern hanging lamp anthracite dim to warm incl. LED - Ronith
    €479.00 €399.00
  17. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-40-cm-dim-to-warm---Ollie
    Modern hanging lamp steel incl. LED 40 cm dim to warm - Ollie
    €449.00 €393.00
  18. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-4-Bronze-with-Glass-Shade---Dome
    Modern Pendant Lamp 4 Bronze with Glass Shade - Dome
  19. Design-hanging-lamp-white-69-cm---Pirce-Mini-Suspension
    Design hanging lamp white 69 cm - Pirce Mini Suspension
    €575.00 €517.50
  20. Modern-Round-Pendant-Lamp-Brown-Wood---Arrange
    Modern Round Pendant Lamp Brown Wood - Arrange
    €149.00 €139.00
  21. Modern-hanging-lamp-aluminum-dim-to-warm-with-touch-dimmer---Alta
    Modern hanging lamp aluminum dim to warm with touch dimmer - Alta
    €409.00 €369.00
  22. Country-Pendant-Lamp-Clear---Vaso
    Country Pendant Lamp Clear - Vaso
    €37.95 €34.95
  23. Industrial-Pendant-Lamp-Black---Facil-1
    Industrial Pendant Lamp Black - Facil 1
    €21.95 €15.95
  24. Design-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Friz
    Design hanging lamp steel incl. LED 3 step dimmable - Friz
    €389.00 €339.00
  25. Pendant-Lamp-with-Parchment-Shade---Tolomeo-Sospensione-Decentrata
    Pendant Lamp with Parchment Shade - Tolomeo Sospensione Decentrata
    €520.00 €468.00
  26. Classic-chandelier-taupe---Como-5
    Classic chandelier taupe - Como 5
    €99.95 €57.95
  27. Design-hanging-lamp-black-66-cm---Pua
    Design hanging lamp black 66 cm - Pua
    €99.95 €89.95
  28. Art-deco-hanging-lamp-black-with-gold-inside---Button
    Art deco hanging lamp black with gold inside - Button
    €199.00 €166.00
  29. Modern-hanging-lamp-white-70-cm---Magna
    Modern hanging lamp white 70 cm - Magna
    €369.00 €339.00
  30. Art-deco-Pendant-Lamp-Steel-with-30cm-Smoke-Shade---Pallot
    Art deco Pendant Lamp Steel with 30cm Smoke Shade - Pallot
    €69.95 €62.95
  31. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-6-light---Plural
    Industrial hanging lamp black 6-light - Plural
    €219.00 €164.00
  32. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-4-light---Captiva
    Industrial hanging lamp black 4-light - Captiva
    €199.00 €128.00
  33. Industriële-hanglamp-zwart-3-lichts---Arthur
    Industriële hanglamp zwart 3-lichts - Arthur
    €269.00 €249.00
  34. Design-hanging-lamp-black-55cm-incl.-LED-dimmable---Rowan
    Design hanging lamp black 55cm incl. LED dimmable - Rowan
    €329.00 €270.00
  35. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-80-cm-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Belinda
    Modern hanging lamp steel 80 cm incl. LED and dimmer - Belinda
    €299.00 €269.00
  36. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-100-cm-dim-to-warm---Ollie
    Modern hanging lamp steel incl. LED 100 cm dim to warm - Ollie
    €299.00 €268.00
  37. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-3-light---Boula
    Industrial hanging lamp black 3-light - Boula
    €249.00 €229.00
462 Items
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A kitchen is often the heart of the home, making it one of the most important and used rooms in your home or place of work, we have a large collection of different styles and sizes of pendant lights that will suit your kitchen! From industrial pendant lights to large chandeliers and small glass pendant lights to modern pendant lights with shades, beautiful choices and great designs. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, naarow or wide we stock decorative, functional as well as statement making pendant lights that will suit your needs. Check out our extensive range of kitchen pendant lights at! 

Combine, customise and create your own style and design with our range of kitchen pendant lights

A striking and decorative pendant light can add character, charm and can bring your overall decor together in your kitchen, whatever design decor and style you have you are sure to find a pendant light that would easily fit into your theme. If you have a more modern kitchen in which all appliances are sleek, simple yet contemporary you will find an array of modern pendant lights that will fit perfectly with your kitchen decor, from industrial pendant lights finished in black, grey or steel or a more modern 5 arm chandelier. How about combining different coloured glass pendant lights above a kitchen island or dining table or create and customise your own set of pendant lamps where you group them together by using a ceiling plate bar to allow you to have a clean and easy use without the fuss of drilling holes in your ceiling. If you require directional lighting, opt out for adjustable rise and fall pendant lights or tilitable shades. As the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home why not go for built-in LED pendant lights for lower power consumption and a longer life span which will save you money on your energy bill or use decorative and easy to use LED bulbs for your pendant lights. You will often find that usually our range of pendant lights have matching wall lights or ceiling lights if you wish to add more lighting to your kitchen. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing kitchen pendant lights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.

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