Glass table lamps

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Glass table lamps
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  1. Bankers-Lamp-Bronze-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Bronze with Green Shade
    €76.95 €40.95
  2. Bankers-Lamp-Gold-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Gold with Green Shade
    €76.95 €47.95
  3. Modern-Table-Lamp-Gold-Touch-incl.-LED---Bauhaus
    Modern Table Lamp Gold Touch incl. LED - Bauhaus
    €77.95 €70.95
  4. Art-deco-table-lamp-brass-with-opal-glass-45.5-cm---Pallon
    Art deco table lamp brass with opal glass 45.5 cm - Pallon
    €59.95 €35.95
  5. Design-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Nigrum
    Design table lamp black with smoke glass - Nigrum
    €119.00 €109.00
  6. Classic-table-lamp-brown-with-beige-glass---Pirata
    Classic table lamp brown with beige glass - Pirata
    €89.95 €80.95
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  7. Classic-table-lamp-brown-with-opal-glass---Unik
    Classic table lamp brown with opal glass - Unik
    €89.95 €80.95
  8. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-30-cm---Pallon-Bulla
    Art deco table lamp black with smoke glass 30 cm - Pallon Bulla
    €76.95 €69.95
  9. Modern-Table-Lamp-Touch-Steel-incl.-LED---Bauhaus
    Modern Table Lamp Touch Steel incl. LED - Bauhaus
    €77.95 €62.95
  10. Design-table-lamp-black-20-cm-with-opal-glass---Hero
    Design table lamp black 20 cm with opal glass - Hero
    €76.95 €62.95
  11. Art-Deco-Table-Lamp-Gold-with-Black-and-Gold-Shade---Pina
    Art Deco Table Lamp Gold with Black and Gold Shade - Pina
    €59.95 €54.95
  12. Art-Deco-Table-Lamp-Steel-with-20cm-Smoke-Shade---Pallot
    Art Deco Table Lamp Steel with 20cm Smoke Shade - Pallot
    €59.95 €53.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Art-Deco-table-lamp-gold-with-opal-glass---Flore
    Art Deco table lamp gold with opal glass - Flore
    €57.95 €52.95
  15. Art-Deco-table-lamp-gold-with-opal-glass---Boho
    Art Deco table lamp gold with opal glass - Boho
    €56.95 €51.95
  16. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-25-cm---Pallon-Bulla
    Art deco table lamp black with smoke glass 25 cm - Pallon Bulla
    €56.95 €50.95
  17. Industrial-table-lamp-silver-adjustable---Cinema
    Industrial table lamp silver adjustable - Cinema
    €65.95 €50.95
  18. Design-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-on-standard---Dome
    Design table lamp black with smoke glass on standard - Dome
    €54.95 €49.95
  19. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Steel-incl.-LED---Regno
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Steel incl. LED - Regno
    €49.95 €44.95
  20. Table-lamp-steel-with-clear-glass-incl.-1-x-G9-and-dimmer---Bolseno
    Table lamp steel with clear glass incl. 1 x G9 and dimmer - Bolseno
    €47.95 €44.95
  21. Art-Deco-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Flore
    Art Deco table lamp black with smoke glass - Flore
    €47.95 €43.95
  22. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass-45.5-cm---Pallon
    Art deco table lamp black with smoke glass 45.5 cm - Pallon
    €59.95 €42.95
  23. Design-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Dome
    Design table lamp black with smoke glass - Dome
    €44.95 €39.95
  24. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Steel-incl.-LED---Joya
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Steel incl. LED - Joya
    €34.95 €31.95
  25. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Black-incl.-LED---Joya
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Black incl. LED - Joya
    €34.95 €31.95
  26. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Gold-incl.-LED---Regina
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Gold incl. LED - Regina
    €34.95 €31.95
  27. Modern-round-table-lamp-steel-incl.-1-x-E14---Andrew
    Modern round table lamp steel incl. 1 x E14 - Andrew
  28. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Pallon
    Art deco table lamp black with smoke glass - Pallon
    €49.95 €28.95
  29. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Steel-incl.-LED---Majestic-
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Steel incl. LED - Majestic
    €29.95 €26.95
  30. Modern-Table-Lamp-Steel-with-Clear-Glass---Milton
    Modern Table Lamp Steel with Clear Glass - Milton
    €59.95 €24.95
  31. Design-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Bliss
    Design table lamp black with smoke glass - Bliss
    €72.95 €50.95
  32. Classic-table-lamp-bronze-with-sliding-rod---Corsaire
    Classic table lamp bronze with sliding rod - Corsaire
    €149.00 €139.00
  33. Classic-table-lamp-chrome-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-3
    Classic table lamp chrome with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 3
    €139.00 €76.95
32 Items
Set Descending Direction

Chic, functional and classy glass table lamps are all available on line with us now! You are able to find the ideal glass table lamp that will complement your decor and style. Table lights in general are great solution for additional lighting in any setting in your home or office. Traditional, classic and contemporary glass table lamps can all be found with us today! 

Atmospheric, classic and stylish glass table lights for your bedroom, living room and office! 

Are you looking for the ideal glass table lamp for a chosen room or area? Our range of glass table lamps with beautiful glass shades to emit atmsopheric and warm lighting, a range of brass, chrome and bronze base table lamps allowing you to complement your existing or new decor. Vintage inspired glass table lights ideal for a study or office to a more contemporary touch glass table lamps that are dimmable. A variety of styles and colours that is sure to suit your bedroom as the perfect bedside table light, glass table lights that also comes with matching pendant lights and floor lights allowing you to have a set of the same lamps in your living room. Get inspired by our collection of glass table lights to suit any room of your choice. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing glass table lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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