Table lamps for living room

Transform your living room with a chic new table lamp!
Table lamps for living room
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  1. Modern-Table-Lamp-Chrome---Facil
    Modern Table Lamp Chrome - Facil
    €24.95 €11.95
  2. Bankers-Lamp-Gold-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Gold with Green Shade
    €76.95 €47.95
  3. Retro-table-lamp-black---Chappie
    Retro table lamp black - Chappie
  4. Brass-table-lamp-with-gray-shade-35-cm---Kaso
    Brass table lamp with gray shade 35 cm - Kaso
    €94.95 €41.95
  5. Art-Deco-table-lamp-black-with-gold-23-cm---Pajaro
    Art Deco table lamp black with gold 23 cm - Pajaro
    €67.95 €37.95
  6. Art-deco-table-lamp-brass-with-opal-glass-45.5-cm---Pallon
    Art deco table lamp brass with opal glass 45.5 cm - Pallon
    €59.95 €35.95
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  7. Table-Lamp-Bronze-with-35cm-Plisse-White-Shade---Parte
    Table Lamp Bronze with 35cm Plisse White Shade - Parte
    €69.95 €25.95
  8. Art-Deco-Table-Lamp-Black-with-35cm-Aged-Bronze-Shade---Simplo
    Art Deco Table Lamp Black with 35cm Aged Bronze Shade - Simplo
    €99.95 €54.95
  9. Brass-table-lamp-with-blue-shade-35-cm---Kaso
    Brass table lamp with blue shade 35 cm - Kaso
    €94.95 €52.95
  10. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-copper-shade-35-cm---Torre
    Art deco table lamp black with copper shade 35 cm - Torre
    €129.00 €85.95
  11. Modern-table-lamp-gray---VT-1
    Modern table lamp gray - VT 1
    €37.95 €30.95
  12. Design-tafellamp-grijs---Esra
    Design tafellamp grijs - Esra
    €84.95 €68.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Artemide-Table-Lamp---Tolomeo-Tavolo-Mini
    Artemide Table Lamp - Tolomeo Tavolo Mini
    €277.00 €249.30
  15. Country-table-lamp-brown-with-black-shade---Arta-XS-vintage
    Country table lamp brown with black shade - Arta XS vintage
    €109.00 €59.95
  16. Art-Deco-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Torre
    Art Deco table lamp gold without shade - Torre
    €99.95 €80.95
  17. Country-table-lamp-blue-with-black-shade-34-cm---Cleo
    Country table lamp blue with black shade 34 cm - Cleo
    €74.95 €69.95
  18. Vintage-table-lamp-small-black---Botanica
    Vintage table lamp small black - Botanica
    €49.95 €23.95
  19. Art-Deco-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Diverso
    Art Deco table lamp gold without shade - Diverso
    €109.00 €50.95
  20. Artemide-Table-Lamp--  Tolomeo-Basculante
    Artemide Table Lamp -  Tolomeo Basculante
    €348.00 €313.20
  21. Table-lamp-white-with-shade-black-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp white with shade black 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €79.95 €26.95
  22. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Steel-incl.-LED---Joya
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Steel incl. LED - Joya
    €34.95 €31.95
  23. Art-Deco-bronze-table-lamp-incl.-LED---Tableau
    Art Deco bronze table lamp incl. LED - Tableau
    €59.95 €53.95
  24. Modern-table-lamp-gray---Bloque
    Modern table lamp gray - Bloque
    €29.95 €20.95
  25. Industrial-table-lamp-black-with-gold-adjustable---Magna
    Industrial table lamp black with gold adjustable - Magna
  26. Modern-Table-Lamp-Steel-incl.-LED---Belinda
    Modern Table Lamp Steel incl. LED - Belinda
    €149.00 €139.00
  27. Copper-table-lamp-adjustable---Parte
    Copper table lamp adjustable - Parte
    €44.95 €39.95
  28. Art-Deco-Table-Lamp-Steel-with-20cm-Smoke-Shade---Pallot
    Art Deco Table Lamp Steel with 20cm Smoke Shade - Pallot
    €59.95 €53.95
  29. Art-deco-table-lamp-gray-40-cm---Rik
    Art deco table lamp gray 40 cm - Rik
    €119.00 €74.95
  30. Rural-table-lamp-rust-brown-10-cm---Crete
    Rural table lamp rust brown 10 cm - Crete
    €39.95 €31.95
  31. Moderne-tafellamp-staal-incl.-LED-en-dimmer---Belinda
    Moderne tafellamp staal incl. LED en dimmer - Belinda
    €129.00 €119.00
  32. Modern-table-lamp-black-with-steel---Milo
    Modern table lamp black with steel - Milo
    €29.95 €21.95
  33. Retro-table-lamp-pink-with-bronze---Milou
    Retro table lamp pink with bronze - Milou
    €44.95 €19.95
  34. Design-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Nigrum
    Design table lamp black with smoke glass - Nigrum
    €119.00 €109.00
  35. Artemide-table-lamp-aluminum-adjustable---Atemide-Tolomeo-Tavolo
    Artemide table lamp aluminum adjustable - Atemide Tolomeo Tavolo
    €283.00 €254.70
  36. Artemide-Tolomeo-Tavolo-table-lamp-black
    Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo table lamp black
    €283.00 €254.70
  37. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-with-bronze-shade-35-cm---Torre
    Art deco table lamp black with bronze shade 35 cm - Torre
    €159.00 €105.00
273 Items
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Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home where your family and friends go to gather together or relax at the end of the day. A cosy, warm and welcoming environment is essential for this significant room while still fitting in with your personal sense of style and flair. We have a large selection of decorative and stylish table lamps for your living room available in varies sizes, shapes and designs. Beautiful and classic wooden table lamps to chic table lamps finished with a marbled glass shade. Modern and unusal inbuilt LED table lamps can also compliment any modern living room. Find all of these living room table lamp ideas and more at!

So many trendy table lamps for living rooms to inspire you.

Our collection of table lamps for living rooms will give you great inspration and decorative ideas while still providing practical bright lighting for those room corners that need it. Each living room is different in terms of style and size therefore adding the right complimentary table lamp is essential. Dimmable living room table lamps are the perfect solution when you need to wind down or create an ambiance in the evenings while being able to then provide you with enough light when needed to settle with a good book or newspaper. Go for an edgy, robust table lamp to compliment an industrial look or go retro with pairing your living room table with a striking LED bulb with a decorative filament. Give your living room table lamp a custom look by choosing your own stylish fabric shade. Keep your living room energy efficient by using an LED bulb or choosing a table lamp with the LED in-built so you don't ever have to think about changing the bulb. We have many styles and colours to choose from, come and view our collection today!

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing table lamps for living rooms?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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