Modern table lamps

Looking for the ideal modern table lamp? Take a look at our large range of modern table lamps.
Modern table lamps
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  1. Modern-Table-Lamp-Black---Facil
    Modern Table Lamp Black - Facil
  2. Design-table-lamp-brass-with-smoke-glass---Stiklo
    Design table lamp brass with smoke glass - Stiklo
    €42.95 €24.95
  3. OUTLET-|-Modern-table-lamp-brass-with-smoke-glass---Maly
    OUTLET | Modern table lamp brass with smoke glass - Maly
    €49.95 €32.95
  4. Modern-table-lamp-black-with-steel---Milo-2
    Modern table lamp black with steel - Milo 2
    €29.95 €13.95
  5. Modern-table-lamp-gray-with-steel---Milo-2
    Modern table lamp gray with steel - Milo 2
    €28.95 €18.95
  6. Modern-table-lamp-white-with-steel---Milo
    Modern table lamp white with steel - Milo
    €29.95 €14.95
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  7. Classic-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Stiklo
    Classic table lamp black with smoke glass - Stiklo
    €42.95 €22.95
  8. OUTLET-|-Modern-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Maly
    OUTLET | Modern table lamp black with smoke glass - Maly
    €49.95 €23.95
  9. Table-lamp-bronze-with-white-shade-and-adjustable-arm---Ladas
    Table lamp bronze with white shade and adjustable arm - Ladas
    €76.95 €55.95
  10. Design-clamp-spot-white-with-flexarm---Egg
    Design clamp spot white with flexarm - Egg
    €34.95 €22.95
  11. Design-table-lamp-black-linen-shade-gray---Rich
    Design table lamp black linen shade gray - Rich
    €59.95 €33.95
  12. Design-table-lamp-black-fabric-shade-taupe---Rich
    Design table lamp black fabric shade taupe - Rich
    €119.00 €54.95
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  14. Design-table-lamp-bronze-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Notia
    Design table lamp bronze incl. LED with touch dimmer - Notia
    €109.00 €57.95
  15. Table-lamp-steel-with-3-step-touch-dimmer-incl.-LED---Tilly
    Table lamp steel with 3-step touch dimmer incl. LED - Tilly
    €57.95 €52.95
  16. Table-Lamp-Adjustable-Bronze---Parte
    Table Lamp Adjustable Bronze - Parte
    €44.95 €23.95
  17. Modern-Table-Lamp-Gold-Touch-incl.-LED---Bauhaus
    Modern Table Lamp Gold Touch incl. LED - Bauhaus
    €77.95 €70.95
  18. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Steel-incl.-LED---Regno
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Steel incl. LED - Regno
    €49.95 €39.95
  19. Modern-Touch-Table-Lamp-Gold-incl.-LED---Joya
    Modern Touch Table Lamp Gold incl. LED - Joya
    €34.95 €31.95
  20. Design-table-lamp-black-velvet-shade-green-with-gold---Rich
    Design table lamp black velvet shade green with gold - Rich
    €59.95 €30.95
  21. Moderne-ronde-tafellamp-staal-incl.-1-x-E14---Andrew-Q
    Moderne ronde tafellamp staal incl. 1 x E14 - Andrew Q
    €29.95 €26.95
  22. Table-lamp-black-with-black-shade-and-adjustable-arm---Ladas
    Table lamp black with black shade and adjustable arm - Ladas
    €76.95 €45.95
  23. Moderne-tafellamp-zwart-met-goud---VT-1
    Moderne tafellamp zwart met goud - VT 1
    €44.95 €16.95
  24. Table-Lamp-Adjustable-Steel---Parte
    Table Lamp Adjustable Steel - Parte
  25. Modern-brass-table-lamp-with-touch-dimmer-incl.-LED---Magma
    Modern brass table lamp with touch dimmer incl. LED - Magma
    €44.95 €39.95
  26. Modern-table-lamp-gray---Bloque
    Modern table lamp gray - Bloque
    €29.95 €21.95
  27. Industrial-table-lamp-black-with-gold-adjustable---Magna
    Industrial table lamp black with gold adjustable - Magna
    €139.00 €88.95
  28. Modern-Tripod-Table-Lamp-Black---Lofty
    Modern Tripod Table Lamp Black - Lofty
  29. Design-table-lamp-gold-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Notia
    Design table lamp gold incl. LED with touch dimmer - Notia
    €109.00 €49.95
  30. Table-lamp-bronze-with-shade-brown-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp bronze with shade brown 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €76.95 €53.95
  31. Design-table-lamp-matt-steel---Waltz
    Design table lamp matt steel - Waltz
    €119.00 €60.95
  32. Modern-table-lamp-black-incl.-LED-with-touch-dimmer---Roel
    Modern table lamp black incl. LED with touch dimmer - Roel
    €99.95 €89.95
  33. Art-Deco-Table-Lamp-Black-with-35cm-Aged-Bronze-Shade---Simplo
    Art Deco Table Lamp Black with 35cm Aged Bronze Shade - Simplo
    €99.95 €61.95
  34. Modern-table-lamp-black-incl.-LED---Etienne
    Modern table lamp black incl. LED - Etienne
    €97.95 €89.95
  35. Design-table-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-and-touch-dimmer---Paulina
    Design table lamp steel incl. LED and touch dimmer - Paulina
    €99.95 €89.95
93 Items
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We have one of the largest contemporary table lamps online, from built-in LED table lamps to touch table lamps with built-in dimmer switches. Extensive range of large and small table lamps varting in different colours and designs. If you are need for an affordable modern table lamp check out our range at, we are sure that you will be pleased with what we have to offer you. 

Contemporary and on trend table lamps for your office or home

Beautiful and inspirational modern table lamps that will complete the overall look of your contemporary inspired home decor, with great lighting and stylish designs you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. You will find many of our table lamps are on trend and with the latest LED technology your modern table lamp will not only be a great addition to your lighting needs but practical also. Our range of contemporary table lamps consist of steel, copper and brass just to name a few, with adjustable heights and shades they are the perfect lamp as a bedside table lamp, desk lamp or for children's room. You also have the ability to customise your own modern table lamp, pick a table lamp base and accessories it with your own shade, check out our range of table lamp shades that are sure to make a great statement! Designer table lamps at an affordable price are available as sets, beautifully designed suit your chosen space. Why not go for contemporary small table lamps and group them together to create your own lighting centre piece, perfect for your coffee table or dining table lamp. With built-LED lighting you never have to worry about changing a bulb, check out our range of dimmable LED table lamps that will transform your home or office. Shopping for the ideal lamp for your child's rroom, why not look into a modern desk lamp perfect to use when studying, or are you limited with some desk space at your office, how about our range of contemporary clamp desk lamps with flexible and adjustable body for easy and directional use. Endless choices when it comes to our range of contemporary table lamps! Check out the rest of our range now. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing modern table lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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