Kitchen lighting

Huge collection of kitchen lights in so many different styles, colours and sizes available!
We have a large range of kitchen lights! Looking for a pendant lamp above a kitchen island or extra lighting along your counter top? With us you will find a variety of lamps in an array of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your needs and decor!

Kitchen lighting
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  1. Built-in-spot-white-incl.-LED-280-lumens-3000K-4W-IP65---Blanca
    Built-in spot white incl. LED 280 lumens 3000K 4W IP65 - Blanca
    €8.95 €6.95
  2. Recessed-spot-tilting-copper---Edu
    Recessed spot tilting copper - Edu
  3. Square-recessed-spot-gold-/-brass-swivel-and-tilt---Artemis
    Square recessed spot gold / brass swivel and tilt - Artemis
    €19.95 €7.95
  4. Recessed-Spotlight-Copper---Cisco
    Recessed Spotlight Copper - Cisco
    €13.95 €8.95
  5. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-white-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Mio
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights white incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Mio
    €54.95 €28.95
  6. Built-in-spot-square-black-swivel-and-tilt---Chuck
    Built-in spot square black swivel and tilt - Chuck
    €24.95 €17.95
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  7. Moderne-ronde-inbouwspot-wit-AR70---Cisco
    Moderne ronde inbouwspot wit AR70 - Cisco
    €22.95 €10.95
  8. Rectangle-Recessed-Spotlight-2-Black---Qure
    Rectangle Recessed Spotlight 2 Black - Qure
  9. Modern-Recessed-Spotlight-Aluminium---Rondoo
    Modern Recessed Spotlight Aluminium - Rondoo
    €19.95 €8.95
  10. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-steel-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Mio
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights steel incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Mio
  11. Modern-round-recessed-spot-set-of-3-IP44---Hole
    Modern round recessed spot set of 3 IP44 - Hole
    €55.95 €36.95
  12. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-tiltable-chrome---Edu
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights tiltable chrome - Edu
    €109.00 €61.95
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  14. Modern-recessed-spot-black---Insight
    Modern recessed spot black - Insight
    €19.95 €4.95
  15. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-incl.-GU10-tiltable---Edo
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights incl. GU10 tiltable - Edo
    €32.95 €13.95
  16. Recessed-spot-black-2-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon-Honey
    Recessed spot black 2-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon Honey
    €109.00 €65.95
  17. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-tiltable-gold---Edu
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights tiltable gold - Edu
    €109.00 €87.95
  18. Modern-round-recessed-downlight-tiltable-black---Installa
    Modern round recessed downlight tiltable black - Installa
    €29.95 €20.95
  19. Modern-round-recessed-spot-tiltable-white---Installa
    Modern round recessed spot tiltable white - Installa
    €29.95 €22.95
  20. Smart-recessed-spot-black-incl.-2-Wifi-GU10-trimless---Oneon-2
    Smart recessed spot black incl. 2 Wifi GU10 trimless - Oneon 2
    €82.95 €67.95
  21. Recessed-spot-black-rotatable-and-tiltable-trimless-2-light---Oneon-2
    Recessed spot black rotatable and tiltable trimless 2-light - Oneon 2
    €76.95 €40.95
  22. Moderne-inbouwspot-zwart-verstelbaar---Coop-111-Honey
    Moderne inbouwspot zwart verstelbaar - Coop 111 Honey
    €44.95 €22.95
  23. Design-built-in-sport-black-with-golden-interior---Mooning
    Design built-in sport black with golden interior - Mooning
    €19.95 €11.95
  24. Set-of-3-modern-recessed-spotlights-white-IP44---Gap
    Set of 3 modern recessed spotlights white IP44 - Gap
    €58.95 €24.95
  25. Modern-recessed-spot-white-with-gold---Insta
    Modern recessed spot white with gold - Insta
    €19.95 €8.95
  26. Ronde-inbouwspot-wit-verstelbaar---Chuck-70
    Ronde inbouwspot wit verstelbaar - Chuck 70
    €29.95 €16.95
  27. Recessed-spot-black-1-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon-Honey
    Recessed spot black 1-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon Honey
    €69.95 €40.95
  28. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-black-adjustable---Qure
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights black adjustable - Qure
    €169.00 €149.00
  29. Modern-recessed-spot-white-steel-set-of-5---Rondoo
    Modern recessed spot white steel set of 5 - Rondoo
    €68.95 €33.95
  30. Moderne-ronde-inbouwspot-wit-AR70---Dept
    Moderne ronde inbouwspot wit AR70 - Dept
    €24.95 €9.95
  31. Recessed-spot-round-black-swivel-and-tilt---Chuck
    Recessed spot round black swivel and tilt - Chuck
  32. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-white-steel---Carree
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights white steel - Carree
    €169.00 €136.00
  33. Set-of-10-modern-recessed-spotlights-aluminum-3-mm-thick---Qure
    Set of 10 modern recessed spotlights aluminum 3 mm thick - Qure
    €169.00 €104.00
  34. Recessed-spot-black-2-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon
    Recessed spot black 2-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon
    €89.95 €79.95
  35. Smart-inbouwspot-zwart-trimless-incl.-3-GU10-Wifi---Oneon-3
    Smart inbouwspot zwart trimless incl. 3 GU10 Wifi - Oneon 3
    €109.00 €72.95
  36. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-white-steel---Carree
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights white steel - Carree
    €83.95 €72.95
164 Items
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Kitchen lighting

We have one of the largest collection of kitchen lighting available at! The kitchen is often the heart of the home, making it one of the most used rooms in a home or office building. Large range of spotlights can be used as wall lamps or even as ceiling lights, allowing you to create a spacious and non congested look in a kitchen. Large pendant lights hung in the middle of the kitchen or above your island provides an additional decorative statement along with a good lit area, if you have low ceilings opt out for our adjustable lamps. Why not use LED lighting for low power consumption and a longer life span which will save you money on your energy bill or use LED bulbs for your chandeliers or pendant lamps! In need for extra lighting for your kitchen cabinets. you can also choose one of our cabinet lights.

Create your own design wall lights, floor lamps or spotlights.

How about creating your own design! You can mix n’ match ceiling amps, wall lights and pendant lamps by choosing your ideal lamp and shade that suits you best. This way you will create the perfect lamp that will fit your kitchen. You may find some of our lamps are part of series or collections, this allows you to design your kitchen and have a theme running throughout your home with the same collection ranging from ceiling lights, pendant lights. table lamps and wall lamps. Or how about our recessed lights that come in different shapes and sizes, which can be tilted or rotated to direct light allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

Need help or advise when it comes to Kitchen lighting?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right light. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.


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